Classic books on scaling your business

There are a pair of authors with successful books with many revisions and re-issues since 1980's. These have been published in many languages around the world.

  • Gerber, Michael E.;
    The E Myth,
    Harper Collins,
    reissued 2004.

  • Moore, Geoffrey A.;
    Crossing the Chasm,
    Harper Collins,
    reissued 2014.

Look for other titles from these authors.

They are written very concisely from what I recall.

Essential guidance: think like a franchise, even if you only ever intend to have one location. By creating a "runbook" (or "playbook" as some call it), you can have employees operate the business for you.

This also potentially addresses the question: "How do you make money while you are sleeping?" (or on vacation)

Shifting your thinking into those terms have helped many scale their business from a mama & papa shop to sustainable operations funding their own retirement.


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