How to Use for Entrepreneurs

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The uScale forum is for microentrepreneurs to connect with volunteer advisors and each other to scale their businesses.

Please post if you:

  • have a very small business you want to grow, and
  • are willing to try new things and share what works

Some advisors are specially focused on working with women entrepreneurs in developing nations, but all microentrepreneurs everywhere are welcome.

Post Guidelines

Your post must follow these guidelines:

  • create only one discussion per business
  • choose the appropriate discussion category for the business
  • tag the country you live in

In your post, provide

  • detailed title for the discussion
  • detailed description of your business (story format with photos or video is best)
  • your business goals
  • what topics you want support in


Once the discussion starts, please

  • try to answer questions quickly
  • clearly tell the community which ideas you’re going to try
  • afterwards, share which ideas worked and which didn’t, with details


  • For non-English speakers, we recommend putting an English translation from Google Translate above your original text
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