Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - or how to be discoverable via Google

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Word of mouth works, and the on-line equivalent of how that propegates is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

In essence, SEO is how people will find you on the Internet.

There are simple rules, and if someone would please translate my terse guide for business where English is their second (or third, etc.) language, I would humbly appreciate it.

The article may be found at and as noted at bottom of that page, it's may be licensed under terms of Creative Commons Attribution. This simply means: copy freely, share it as you would like, and you may even profit from making derivative works based on it.

The short version:

First you need a website, even if that's just a section on another's website. But ideally, it should be your own domain name.

Links into your website count, but "quality" of those links are important. Going for "any" links will count against you! Instead, use social media-- as many as you can find: twitter, gab, facebook, instagram, linkedin, etc. Even if you or anyone you know doesn't use a particular social media platform, the point here is that the search engine crawlers (properly called spyders) will see those links.

There's also a specific way to organize pages on your website. Google and other search engines favour "deep links" which like my own link above has domain ( plus path ("/articles") plus article name with words separated by hyphens. That last part is important. Google and others also give you points when the subject of someone's search matches words in a link and is reinforced by words on the web page.

Again, if someone would translate and expand upon that article to become more relevant for local businesses in your region, many more businesses could benefit from being found on the Internet properly.


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