Filming & Video Editing Service in Barbados

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Justin offers video filming & editing services in Barbados, primarily for video bloggers, and mostly works with people he's already directly connected with.

He'd like to find new ways to market himself.

I think there’s a lot of opportunities for him as many businesses in Barbados are lacking quality marketing collateral in their online presence.

Justin says:

I create content for video in a personalized vlog setting. My aim it to create content with speed so clients can have the finished product on the same day. For bigger vlogs I document the process of other creators or businesses and deliver it with quality and speed. The content is usually travel based since it’s my goal to travel the world sharing information on other cultures.

For an example of some of his work or to make contact outside of this forum, here's one of his videos:

I met Justin on my first day in the Caribbean this year, and with a big open and generous heart he welcomed me and helped me get my feet on the ground. He definitely deserves the success he’s working towards.



  • Justin, I’ve done some brainstorming on your business and wanted to throw out a few ideas.


    Naturally, your work advertises itself, so the more popular vloggers you work with, the more views of your work. I’d make sure you’re visibly and consistently credited. I’d also track the progress of less popular vloggers before and after working with you so you can build some success stories and use these when approaching new potential clients.


    As we touched on briefly in person, it seems to me many tourism businesses don’t have quality marketing material like attractive videos accessible from a good website.

    Through in person and online searches and asking around you could identify businesses that are doing okay but that have a poor online presence. Pitch them with a customized proposal to put together some videos; even better, also offer to help spread the content online as an additional and complementary line of business / source of revenue. This could involve partnering with a web design business to create a simple but attractive website with a focus on the keywords of the business.

    If you want to pursue this angle, I’d recommend doing some social media and search engine marketing blog reading. Here’s a few to get you started:

    Bonus tip: include the keywords of the business in your video, and have a transcription of the video on some video sites with links to the business.

    Again track progress with before/after data. Eventually you’ll be able to predict how much extra money you can make a business, and for those businesses with small budgets/vision, maybe even consider doing the work at a discount with profit-sharing or a bonus in place if the business hits certain future revenue milestones.

    You mentioned one of your goals is travel. Offering video services is a fantastic way to get your travel paid for while earning a living.

    Please keep us updated here as your business develops!

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    Thanks so much for the exposure on the site, definitely if anyone wants to check out my work search for Jujuwanderer on youtube and instagram or click the link below to subscribe to my channel and turn on that notification bell for when i release a new video every tuesday and thursday.

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